About her Childhood

About her health: "I was very sick as a child. I nearly died of whooping cough. I was born with a malfunctioning kidney and I didn't grow for the first few years of my life. I was two years old and the size of a baby. I started talking and scaring grandmas in supermarkets. An old lady came up to me and said 'Hello, my bubble bobo' (coz I looked like a baby) and I went 'Hello, old lady' and she totally freaked out!" (Girlfriend Magazine, July 2002)

About the best Christmas present she has ever received: "When I was about three or four, I received a vacuum cleaner. It came with polystyrene balls, which I could sprinkle around the house then vacuum up. Unfortunately, I'd get over the novelty half way through and leave Mum to finish the job!" (TV Week)

About her Acting Career

About her acting debuts: "I did my first television commercial when I was only eighteen months old! (not that I knew what was going on)."

About Always Greener

About the screening of the first episode of Always Greener: "I felt like I had a five-year-old son and I was sending him off on his first day to school." (Herald Sun, 3 October, 2001)

About the success of the show: "I pinch myself on a regular basis! I've been acting since I was a little girl, and to only now get recognized for it is surreal." (TV Week, 24-30 November, 2001)

About her character on Always Greener: "Marissa [Taylor]'s the kind of person I used to be at 16 or 17. She's a little bit rebellious and trying it all. The beauty is I'm five years older than the character and I get to draw on a lot of my own experiences." (Courier Mail, 1 November 2001).

Still about Marissa: "I like that she has guts and she is a strong girl, I like her dryness and her sarcasm - she's a lot of fun to play. I like how real she is and the fact that she's got all these vulnerabilities lying beneath the surface." (Official Always Greener site, 2001)

About her Role in Scooby-Doo

"I play Carol, who's leaving the island - we're all looking really dull, and all the other people arriving are very excited. Kristian Schmid comes up to me, and I pick him up and throw him on the ground! That sort of initiates the whole investigation into what's going on at the Island. I did actually grab him by the balls for one take, so he's got this genuine look of shock on his face". (NW Magazine, September 2001)

"I'm in [Scooby-Doo] for all of 30 seconds! I get to pick up a guy and throw him on the ground and go psycho. It's kind of funny for little old me to be doing that". (Girlfriend Magazine, July 2002)

About the Scooby Doo premiere: "It was nerve wracking (seeing herself on the big screen) - my head was the size of a football field! I really enjoyed the experience though!" (source: Always Greener Rocks)

About McLeod's Daughters

About what's the best about being on the show: "I get to work with some great people and I'm doing things I never thought I'd do. (TV Week, March 2005)

About her character Kate Manfredi: "She's all about her career and her success and proving herself and making her family proud." (Canberra Times, May 2004)


About her looking like Katie Holmes: "I bet Katie's told all the time she looks like me (laugh)!" (Girlfriend Magazine, July 2002)

About Christmas: "Christmas is finally untangling the fairy lights, to discover that one of the lights is blown, so none of them work. Drives me nuts.....if you know what I mean."

In the guestbook of this website (!):

"Hi there all! Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for writing such lovely messages, I really appreciate it. Sadly, I don't have a computer of my own, so I am using a friends. I will, however, try to leave a message to you all from time to time. I'm not sure who exactly set this website up, but a huge thanks to you - it's ACE!!! If you want any more info, feel free to write to me care of Channel Seven, Mobbs lane, Epping, N.S.W 2121, Australia [note that this address is no longer valid, as Michala does not work for Channel Seven anymore]. I'll be more than happy to help out. Anyway guys, thanks again for all the wonderful messages. I'll try and write again soon. P.S- This is really me!!! All the best, Michala. xxxx" (23 January 2002).

"hi all, I finally bought a computer so I'll check in from time to time and see how this excellent site is going. I still can't believe there is a web site dedicated to me, thanks to all involved, I'm most grateful. If anyone is interested, I am currently working on my first single, which will be out later this year, and a movie adaptation of the Whitlam dismissal, the title is still up in the air but it should be out some time next year. Well that's it for me, thanks again for setting this site up, if you want to reply to my message or you have any questions I will do my best to get back to you.

Much love always, Michala xxxxx PS yes, it's me again" (31 March 2003).