Pass The Peas

The Band

'Pass The Peas', originally the title of a song by Maceo Parker, is also the name of the band Michala used to sing with when she lived in Melbourne. When Michala was part of the band, members included:

Sound Clip: 'Late Nights'

Gene Shill has kindly allowed me to use the song 'Late Nights' (written by himself and Matt Miao) on this site. It is instrumental, which means that Michala is not singing on this track - even so, it is excellent, and you can listen to it here (in Real format)!

Style and Influences

They describe their style as Acid Jazz/Urban/Funk, and cite The Brand New Heavies, P-Funk, Maceo Parker and Maxwell among their influences.

The Peas started back in 1998 as a five piece consisting of Drums (Dean), Bass (Cam), Guitar(Matt) and Gene and Matty B on saxopohones. Eventually by the end of that year they got a full time singer (Mickey) and started to put it all together. Not long after that Dean (Drums) departed the band, and the new drummer Leigh Cope was called in. Leigh was with the band for just over a year when his commitments to his original band 'BARKO' made him leave. Almost straight away into the band jumped Kevin 'Flaadich' McFerran. The band decided to get a keyboard player in (CHUBBA). They have played many good venues already in their short time around Melbourne such as the 'Central Club', 'Mayfields', 'Gee Bung Polo Club', 'Armadale Hotel', 'Barleycorn', and the 'Prince Alfred' (Carlton).

A very special thanks to Gene Shill for directing us to all the info above!