Michala Banas Links:

The Official Michala Banas MySpace Page
Michala's MySpace page - contains some interesting info about her tastes in music, movies and books!

Creative Representation: Michala Banas
The section dedicated to Michala Banas on her agent's website. Minimum resolution required: 1024x768.

Michala Banas: A Michala Banas Fansite
A nice fansite with interesting updates.

Official Michala Banas and Daniel Feuerriegel Fanclub
A new forum, in German and English.

Michala Banas: Kissin' The Wind
A nice fansite. Unfortunately not updated.

The Michala Banas Online Fan Club
A Yahoo! Group dedicated to Michala.

The Michala Banas Fansite
An old fansite with pictures, a biography and an interview transcript.

IMDb: Michala Banas
Michala's filmography on the well-known Internet Movie Database.

McLeod's Daughters Links

Official McLeod's Daughters Site
The official site of the popular show. It includes a profile of Michala's character Kate and a Q & A with the actress.

McLeod's Daughters Forum
Heletia's forum, including many subforums.

Always Greener Links

Yahoo Groups: Always Greener Rocks
A group on the Channel Seven show Always Greener.

Official Scott Major Site
The offical website of Scott Major, who used to play Tom on Always Greener.

Abe Forsythe Online
A site dedicated to Abe Forsythe, who played Cam Todd on Always Greener.

Mirror Mirror Links

Mirror Mirror Official Website
The Gibson Group's website about Mirror Mirror, probably one of the greatest shows ever!

The Petra Yared Website
Daria's website on Petra Yared, Michala's co-star in Mirror Mirror.

The James Ashcroft Website
Daria's website on James Ashcroft, who played Tama in Mirror Mirror.

Other Shows and Films

BeastWatcher's BeastMaster Fansite
A great-looking fan site with a lot of pictures, an episode guide, links and much more!

PinkHearts BeastMaster Galleries
Not just another BeastMaster site, but a great page with tons of pictures, polls, and news about the show!

Round the Twist: Official Website
A cool site with pictures, info and a lot of fun stuff.

The Australian Television Information Archive
Everything you need to know about Aussie television shows: complete cast lists, episode guides, pictures, links and more.

A nice page about Australian soaps and dramas.

The Starman* Site
A great site with lots of excellent screenshots from a large number of sci-fi/fantasy shows.