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Carols In The Domain (2001)
Michala Banas and Daniel Bowden sing "Tidings of Comfort and Joy"
Real Media Format (408 Kb, 1'42'')

Extract from Kissin' the Wind (2003)
A one-minute extract from the single Michala released in 2003
Mp3 format (1.12 Mb, 1'14'')

Always Greener Theme
Short Version - Real Media Format (254 Kb, 1'03'')
Long Version - Real Media Format (572 Kb, 2'23'')

Late Nights
Gene Shill from Pass The Peas, the band Michala used to sing with when she was in Melbourne, has kindly allowed us to use the song 'Late Nights' (written by himself and Matt Miao) on this site. It is instrumental, which means that Michala does not sing on this track - even so, it is excellent!
Real Media version (1.56 Mb, 6'40'')

RADD - Recording Artists Actors & Athletes Against Drink Driving
Copyrighted to RADD ®
Michala is one of the celebrities supporting this organisation. You can listen to her voice message for young people here:
MP3 Format (164 kb, 0'33")