We would like to thank all the people who made the creation and development of this website possible, especially:

Michala Banas, thank you so much for answering Daria's letters so kindly and sending us wonderful signed pictures and lots of information!

The people and production companies that have allowed us to use some of their material:
* The Gibson Group, especially Les Ferguson, Office Manager, for giving us permission to publish pictures from Mirror Mirror
* Gene Shill from 'Pass the Peas', for allowing us to make the song 'Late Nights' available for download on this page and providing us with information on the band.

All those who helped us build this website:
* by sending us articles and nice pictures of Michala or allowing us to use pictures, articles, videos, info which we found on their webpages: Edghar, Guillaume, Alice, Tamee, Laurie, Holly, Kelly, Emma, Emma K., Jackie, Starman*, Tony, Alexis, Heletia, Fans of McLeods, thank you so much!
* by typing and sending cool articles on Michala: thank you Steph
* by allowing us to use a picture they took: bardotforever2000, Jackie
* by making fantastic wallpaper: thank you Jadi!
* John, thank you so much for sending that huge amount of pictures, and for all your support!

Skynet for hosting this website, Statcounter for the counter and Bravenet for the guestbook, forum, mailing list and feedback form - all free.
 Finally, thanks to all the fans who visit the page!

Daria and Zuzka