Interview from TV Week (June 2003)

More over, Delta and Bec - Michala Banas is set to join you in charts. The Always Greener star has followed in the footsteps of chart-topping Neighbours star Delta Goodrem and Home and Away´s Bec Cartwright and ventured into the recording studio. The result is her debut single "Kissin´ the wind".

"Kissin´the wind" is written by Shelly Peiken who has written songs for Britney Spears...
Yeah, she´s written for Britney, John Mayer, Celine Dion, and she´s won eight Grammys!

There are a lot of TV stars making music these days.
Yes, I know what you´re thinking - another TV person doing music! I´m expecting to cop a bit of flak for it. But at the end of the day, people either like it or they don´t like it. It´s out of my control. I can only do my best, and get out there and play live and prove that I´m a musician and a singer. I´m not ther first and I won´t be the last. I´m giving it a go and I´m just going to have fun, because if I start worrying about it, it´s just going to give me stress I don´t need.

You were in a funk band before you started in Always Greener. Does that come through on your single?
It´s not funk, it´s kind of rock-pop. It´s got a pop element for the radio, but it´s a bit rockier. I´m one of those people who likes all sorts of music. There´s funk in there, too. I was in that band for two years. It was hard to leave, actually.

Are you getting in touch with your inner rock chick?
Yeah, Suze DeMarchi, big time! I loved Suze from the Baby Animals. Actually, the guy who plays guitar with me used to play with her.

How much live work have you been doing?
At the moment I´m not getting that much of a chance to play, because I´m out doing lots of promotion. The sooner I can play live, the better.

Have you got any Britney - style choreographed moves planned for your shows?
No! I can bob up and down on the spot, but that´s about it. I´m not much of a dancer. I don´t think I´ll be doing any body rolls in my video.

What about body-popping?
Maybe! I could do a couple of pops and see what happens.

Thanks to Steph from All Saints Always for sending this article!