Interview from TV Week Magazine (2001)

Michala Banas is one of TV's hottest properties, thanks to her role as Marissa Taylor in Always Greener. Away from the camera's, she's a girl who likes a lot of sleep, healthy food and good hair and make up artists!

TV WEEK: Did you sleep well last night?
MICHALA: I slept like a baby. It was ace. I woke up this morning feeling fantastic.

TVW: Who were you with at midnight?
M: I was in bed alone. There was no teddies. I was just stretched out - spread eagled - and enjoyed the chance to be on my own.

TVW: Who was the very first person you spoke to this morning?
M: My flatmate Bree Walters (who plays Pip Todd in Always Greener). She had just returned home from work and i was on my way out. She was heading off to Melbourne, so it was a bit of a brief exchange of 'hi' 'how are you?' etc.

TVW: What was the best meal you had today?
M: I had a great pub counter meal - chicken schnitzel. I had dinner with a few members of the cast, and it was great.

TVW: What was the most expensive thing that you purchased today?
M: I spent $6 on the chicken schnitzel...that was it! I haven't had to buy anything else, as breakfast was at home and that's all i've eaten. I haven't had time to think about buying anything else.

TVW: What has annoyed you most today?
M: The news. I find it really annoying at times, as it put me on a downer. I had it swhitched on this morning as i was getting ready and it was all bad, so i turned it off.

TVW: What has made you laugh the most today?
M: My Always Greener co-stars Daniel Bowden (Jason) and Scott Major (Tom). I've been hanging out with them, and whenever we see each other we always have a laugh.

TVW: What have you regretted most about today?
M: Nothing. I have no regrets. I believe in them - it's not as though I never have them at all - but there has been nothing today. I can't think of anything recently, either.

TVW: What have you been proud of today?
M: I'm proud of my father John Banas, who recently won an award for writing an episode of Water Rats. Also, i'm proud to work on a show like Always Greener. It's something that's not only fun for me - other people seem to like it. I'm going into their living rooms each week and that's pretty cool.

TVW: What pop song can't you get out of your head at the moment, no matter how much you try?
M: Hanging by a moment by Lifehouse. It's been with me for the past couple of days. I think i heard it on the radio and started singing it on the set, then everyone caught on. I love it, which is good. It's not good when you have a song that you hate in your head!

TVW: How long did it take to get ready this morning?
M: About 15 minutes! I showered and dressed and raced out the door. Occasionally, I will take time to put on make-up, but not very often. It's great that I have someone to else to do that job for me.

TVW: What time will you be in bed tonight?
M: I'm talking to you on a Friday, so it depends on my mood. It could be nine o'clock, one o'clock or tomorrow morning. It won't be Sunday morning though.

TVW: I today a good hair day or a bad hair day?
M: It's been great, thanks to Megan Dwyer who did my hair and makeup this morning on the set of Always Greener. She's fantastic and always makes me look and feel great.

This transcript was found on the Always Greener chat page.