Why Matt's in a spin
Sunday Mail, 3 December 2006
By Genevieve Meegan

CRICKETERS are usually the ones being adored but one Aussie star found himself completely starstruck this week. Matthew Hayden spotted McLeod's Daughters star Michala Banas at the Adelaide Oval during the week and asked to be introduced to her.

Michala, who is the official ambassador for the "Wolf Blass Ladies Love Cricket Day" today, was meeting up with cricketer Damien Martyn for a promo photo, when Matt spied his idol.

"This guy came over and said Matt is a massive fan of the show and wants to meet you," Michala said.

"Then Matt came over and said: 'I'm so excited'. I was like: 'My dad would be so excited if he could see me standing here with you two'.

"Matt explained that he'd missed the show the night before because they had training and whatever, but he'd taped it and didn't want me to tell him what happens. It's great that he's so into it."

And the charming lads didn't stop there. They grabbed a cricket bat, signed it and presented it to the delighted actor.

"They were both just so lovely," Michala said. As part of ladies day, a green carpet will be set up at the Victor Richardson gates today and green fans will be handed out to the girls.

"It's such a good idea because it's like the races where you can head down, have a wine and get involved in the fun. There's a lot more than just watching the sport," Michala said.

"It's a great day and, of course, if you get the chicks involved the blokes will be happy too." A few of Michala's McLeod's cohorts will also be heading to the Oval for the Ashes action.