Rumba Chat Transcript (2001)

Michala Banas: A big hi to everyone! If you can, come down to Rumba. It's awesome out here!

Sarah: What has been your favourite scene to film?
Michala Banas: That's a tie between the scenes where the cow farted and having a big argument with my on-screen dad, played by John Howard.

Kaz: What are you planning on doing for Christmas and New Year?
Michala Banas: Still deciding... but possibly in Melbourne for New Year. I still have to write my Christmas wish list!

Bonnie: Are you related to Eric Bana?
Michala Banas: I know Eric... but I'm not related to him.

SJS: Do you prefer playing a mean character or a nice character?
Michala Banas: I like playing both but for different reasons. Sometimes its fun to be bad and sometimes its nice to be good.

Nic: Who is your favourite artist at Rumba?
Michala Banas: Probably Nelly Furtado! She rocks.

Sez: Do you hope to get into films eventually in your career?
Michala Banas: Absolutely. I would love to work in film one day.

Caty-cat: If you had the chance, would you get up and sing at Rumba?
Michala Banas: You bet! I'm singing at the Carols in the Domain this year in Sydney... make sure you watch it on TV!

Lana: Did you start off acting in soapies as an extra or something?
Michala Banas: I did my first commercial when I was one and half years old and my first feature film when I was six. The rest is history!

Danny: Do you feel any different being an actor and being recognised?
Michala Banas: Of course. People look at you and you wonder why. I've been acting all my life but it doesn't bother me.

Nic: Who are you closest to off screen?
Michala Banas: I live with Bree Walters and we're all pretty close. We all hang out.

MM: What's the atmosphere like at the moment?
Michala Banas: It's absolutely buzzing! The weather is getting better and it's going to be a great day.

Trish: I wrote to you a week ago, when will you write back to me?
Michala Banas: We only get our fan mail once every couple of weeks but I'll write back to you as soon as I can... I promise!

Danny: If you were to play any one else on the show who would it be?
Michala Banas: I'd want to be Tom Morgan... he has a great character!

Sez: Which actor would you love to work with?
Michala Banas: Cate Blanchett is very cool. I also like Denzel Washington and Johnny Depp.

Hollee: Michala your character is so cool. Are you like her?
Michala Banas: I think I'm a little bit like Marissa - I have her dry sense of humour. But I don't dress the way she does!

Crazyaboutu: Do you really design your own clothes?
Michala Banas: I like to rip up t-shirts but that's about it.

Kirby: What advice do you have for people wanting to act or get into media type work?
Michala Banas: Follow your dreams, be persistent and above all have faith in yourself.

Caty-cat: How did you get into acting, and how could someone like me get into acting?
Michala Banas: Well, I started at a very young age. I've acted all my life and have been very lucky. I think study is important... go to a good acting school and learn all you can.

John: In the first episode how many times did you do the cow farting scene before you got it right?
Michala Banas: We had to do it about six times until we got it right.

Hollee: How do you keep in such good shape?
Michala Banas: I guess I'm lucky that I have a fast metabolism. I drinks lots of water, stay active and eat healthy food.

Sez: After working on the show, do you prefer city or country life?
Michala Banas: At this stage in my life I prefer living in the city. But when I'm older I might head out to the country - it's very calm and peaceful.

Kiss: How much water do I need daily to look fresh and healthy?
Michala Banas: Well they say eight glasses a day is good!

Nicole: Is it hard acting as Marissa because she complains a lot?
Michala Banas: Well, it's hard to make her a likeable character! But there's a lot more to Marissa than her complaining... all will be revealed!

i7entertainment: Where were you born?
Michala Banas: I was born in Wellington in New Zealand.

Nicole: If you weren't an actor, what would you have been?
Michala Banas: I think I would have been a make-up artist. I love make-up.

Danny: When you first started acting on Always Greener were you nervous?
Michala Banas: Of course I was nervous. I always get nervous but I just take a deep breath and go for it!

Kiss wants to know: Have you ever done any modelling?
Michala Banas: Haha! Is that a trick question? No I haven't done any modelling.

Kirra: How old were you when you moved to Australia?
Michala Banas: I was ten years old and have lived here ever since.

This transcript was found on the Official Always Greener page.