Michala madness
Adelaide Now, 13 October 2006

IT'S been quite a while since McLeod's Daughters' own diva, Michala Banas, stretched her vocal chords . . .

That is, aside from the odd round-up on set. But she will be getting back to her ethnic roots and revealing her singing soul for the 2006 Multicultural Festival on October 28.

She is a little apprehensive, however, about being thrust into the spotlight again three years after her debut single, Kissin the Wind, was released.

"It's been so long since I've performed gigs . . . I'm freaking out a bit," she said at The Advertiser/Sunday Mail Foundation lunch.

"I'll be doing covers, that's what everyone loves to dance to."

Festival ambassador Doris Younane had a round-up of her own to get all the cast involved in the project. Word has it she may even rope in newbie Abi Tucker for a bit of a warble too, but that's still riding on Doris' powers of persuasion. Other casties stopping by on the day will be Luke Jacobz, Dustin Clare and Gillian Alexy.

It's all for a good cause, so Doris (a woman with a heart as big as her hair) is more than happy to spread the word at Drover's Run.

"Funds raised on the day will go to Camp Quality, which is a great reason to support it . . . and it'll be such a fun day," she said.

Check out the fun at Thorndon Park Reserve at Paradise later this month.