Michala Banas interviewed by Leah from Girlfriend Magazine (2003)

Reproduced from the Girlfriend Magazine Site

She plays the lovely Marissa Taylor on Always Greener, now Michala Banas has released her first single "Kissing The Wind". Our online gal Leah caught up with Michala, check out what she had to say about her music, chocolate and Delta Goodrem!

Congratulations on your new single! Are you excited?

Yeah! I'm probably not as excited as what I could be, but I am excited! I think it's a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

You used to sing in a band called "Pass The Peas", do you still work with the band?

I worked with the band when I used to live in Melbourne for 5 years before coming to Sydney for Always Greener. I actually had 2 bands down there, I had a 7-piece band which was 'Pass The Peas' and then I had an acoustic trio. So, depending on the venue, I would play with both bands. They are still in Melbourne, so it's been really quiet for me in the musical department lately.

Do you have any plans to quit Always Greener and concentrate on a musical career?

No. Before I signed up with Petrol Records I told them "Look, I'm still an actor and I'm not going to quit acting." I have a passion for acting and I have a passion for music as well, so if we can do both that would be ideal, but I'm not giving up one for the other!

So I take it acting was your first passion?

Yeah I guess so. I've always sort of sung a bit but I suppose I first started acting before I started singing.

So you wouldn't want to follow the footsteps of Holly Valance or Delta Goodrem?

No. That's not the type of music I'm doing. Obviously I will always get put in that category because I am known as a 'T.V soap star', but I am not the same as them. I think Delta is phenomenal though! I think she is an amazing vocalist and deserves everything that's coming for her, but I am not doing ballads and I'm not doing dance music either. I am doing something completely different, so that places me in a totally different category.

So what makes your work different to the likes of Delta or Holly?

I think it's the rock element of my music. The video clips are completely different too.. look out for it!

What's the latest Cd you've purchased?

It has been a while! Ummmm… Jack Johnson's Cd. I saw him at the Byron Bay Blues festival and he was amazing!

You're 24 and on Always Greener you play an 18 year old….What's that like?


Is it hard at times because of the age gap?

No, not at all! I think it would be harder if I was playing a 30 year old or someone older than what I actually am, because I don't know what it's like being 30, but I do know what it's like being 18!

You actually live with Bree Walters, who plays Pip on the show. Did you know each other before you started working together?

No, we didn't know each other from a bar of soap! We came up and did the pilot for the show and got to know each other really well. And when the show got the go-ahead, I freaked out because I didn't know anyone in Sydney (besides my parents). So, I called Bree up and said “Hey, do you want to live together?” and she said “Yeah, Wicked!” and that was it!

Do you run through your lines together?

Yeah absolutely! It's very handy! When you go shopping, what's one thing that you just can't resist?

Food Shopping – Chocolate! I love Cadbury's chocolates so if they want to send me some that would be great! I love chocolate! Clothes Shopping – Funky tops and runners (I have a great weakness for buying runners!)

What's your most embarrassing moment?

At the Logies last year I ran up to Vince Collossimo [sic] and told him I loved him! It was really embarrassing because a few weeks later I ran into him at another event, and he remembered me! I was really hoping that he wouldn't remember that!