Interview with AuSoaps


Michala Banas

14th November 1978

Favourite Role
Too many to choose from, so it's hard to say. But Marissa Taylor is definitely up there.

Latest Role
Marissa Taylor, Always Greener

Highlights of Always Greener you wish to share
Working in such an awesome environment with brilliant scripts. The entire cast, crew and production office are ace, and that's rare.

Memories of Mirror Mirror you wish to share
Wearing corsetted dresses, and fillming for six months in New Zealand. My first ongoing TV role - such an experience. (So long ago!)

Memories of State Coroner you wish to share
Shooting at night at Pentridge prison in Melbourne - extremely eerie and creepy.

Memories of Blue Heelers you wish to share
I've done two episodes of Heelers, playing two very different characters. For one role I had to learn to ride a horse properly (I loved it) and for the other I was in a wheelchair (challenging).

Preferred Medium (Stage, Screen, Television)
I love them all for different reasons. At the moment, I'm thoroughly enjoying television.

Address For Fan Correspondence
Always Greener Publicity, Channel Seven, Mobbs Lane, Epping, NSW 2121

Favourite Book
Can't pick a favourite, sorry.

Favourite Movies
There's again, no way in the world that I could select just one favourite.

Favourite Song
As above. (My taste in music is very varied)

Favourite Television Program
Alway's [sic] Greener of course! (I'm not biased!!)

Favourite Person to Act Alongside
Any one of the cast members of Always Greener - they're all ace!

Favourite Quote, Saying or Motto
I have at least two:
"Luck is a meeting of opportunity and preparation"
"Never let your fears stand in the way of your dreams"

Favourite Possession
I love all those little things that have sentimental value - I have mine scattered around the place so I'm surrounded by good memories!

Future Ambitions
Just to continue doing what I love and following my dreams, I guess.

Why you became an Actor
I've done it all my life so I guess I just continued on with it. It's my absolute passion.

If you were'nt an Actor other career choice
Hard to say. Possibly a singer, a director or make-up artist. (I'd have to be in the industry somehow!`)

Thanks to everyone for watching the show. We all hope you continue to enjoy and be entertained by it. Best wishes, Michala Banas.

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